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Vik Duggal is an independent consultant helping product-oriented visionaries achieve revenue acceleration. A former operator of businesses Vik, Founders and CEOs now reach out to Vik to help them work through confusion, pain, lackluster growth and poor revenue health to achieve business success.

Vik frequently gets called in by brand name VCs, angel investors and large corporate development teams to support their portfolio companies.


“Vik Duggal is my secret weapon. Whenever I’m asked for advice on revenue acceleration, I always make sure to connect with Vik or send them his way.”

— Mark Roberge, Sr. Lecturer at Harvard Business School and Former Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot (Boston, MA)


“Vik Duggal has been doing this work for a decade. I’ve witnessed the results. I’m a huge fan.”

— Matt Golden, Founding and Managing Partner at Golden Ventures (Toronto, ON)


“I’ve hired Vik Duggal and engaged with him. His ability to turn chaos into clarity is amazing. Every B2B SaaS Founder and CEO should talk to him at least once.”

— Tony Summerville, Founder and CEO at Fleetio (Birmingham, AL)