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How do you grow a business quickly?

Story “I know it will work, I can’t predict how long it will take. It will feel hard – you’ll see the errors you’ve made over the last 12-16 months; they will stare at you. You’ll have to acknowledge them. You will have to make some changes” I paused and moved around the car wreck […]

This black box saves me a ton of time

I’ve downloaded Alfred. For around USD $30 I’ve freed up so much time. I like the power at my finger tips. I like the freedom to operate from a central place. I like that I can pull up the command box (⌘+space) and I can be on my way to completing one of many tasks. […]

Focusing on the #codeless space

Image Credit: Pablo Stanley I have spent most of my time since 2004 operating businesses. While my background by education is engineering and my experience for two decades has been growing businesses, I do not have a knack for software design and product development. I’ve tried to learn how to make websites, tried to learn […]


For the last decade I have been partnering with visionary leaders who have a desire to accelerate their business and push their personal growth to new heights. As an independent consultant for the last two years about 30% of my work is with early stage companies who are taking their understanding of the market and […]

How a UX leader thoughtfully grew his consulting practice

How a UX leader thoughtfully grew his consulting practice  It has always been a goal of mine to share my learnings and expertise and the stories of companies and entrepreneurs I have helped – from seasoned veterans to those just starting up. It’s part of the reason I created The Vik Duggal Workshop two years […]