Author: vikduggal

Before you Learn, Learn How to Learn

Background There aren’t a lot of long-form readers today in my network. If you are, hit me up on Twitter. You may be someone who does in fact read magazines and longer fiction, or non-fiction books; but, most are reading micro-content around the Internet. Where and how you put your attention has transformed over the […]

Gratitude 2.0: Going deeper in 2018

I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts on this blog related to personal growth, self development and general growth mindset. Background Gratitude to me is my being thankful and showing appreciation. I’ve found through my practice of gratitude has slightly shifted the way I see the world for the better. It’s allowed me to slowly remove […]

Commission plans, incentive and getting desires sales results

The behavior of sales professionals is easy to shift despite the challenges CEOs face about the lack of revenue coming from the sales organization. Sometimes I see sales incentive plans that simply outline how much commission a rep will get based on goal. That can work – in mature businesses – especially if the numbers […]

Leveraging research time to increase sales effectiveness

My objective with this post is to help you, the sales professionals, increase your productivity in the final days of 2017. You want to know what to do next, but it’s hard to tell. Should I send off quick follow up notes? Are the opportunities I’m spending time on worth it? Should I just disqualify […]

Guidelines for selling a new product efficiently

The area often critical to a business’ success is selling new products. There are reasons that new product sales are challenging for many companies. From what I’ve observed, the biggest single cause of poor results early in a product’s life can be explained in terms of Features, Advantages and Benefits. When a product is new, […]

The Ovarian Lottery

I’ve mentioned this in the past and it came to my awareness today. The odds of me being born as me are 400 trillion to 1 (same for you). Most of us should really let that sink in because that’s 400 trillion to 1. Same odds for you and everyone of us 7 billion humans […]

How I (Business) Travel, Beautifully

In my last post I specifically mentioned how much I traveled in 2016. I continue to travel on a pretty aggressive clip in 2017, relatively. I also know there are many of you that travel frequently for pleasure, or business. I want to share how I currently travel. I love to travel with purpose and I now […]