My name is Vik Duggal. I build businesses.

I help visionary leaders with a desire to accelerate their business and push their personal growth to new heights through Duggal Consulting, a modern-day independent consultancy serving technology companies. DC accelerates revenue and increases confidence while decreasing cost of acquisition.

I support experienced individuals who believe they aren’t leveraging their expertise and want to turbocharge their career through Creating an Independent Consultancy, a 2-day accelerated workshop I’ve developed and run since 2018.

I write about growing SaaS companies and document my time as a successful consultant.

Each week I produce an email that surfaces my best thinking. You don’t want to miss it!

New here?

Here are some great thoughts I’ve shared to help you get started:

I work with real people

I love that Vik loves when people unlock things for themselves. Schedule a call.

Prakash Chandran, Consultant; Former Head of Enterprise UX, Google

Vik is my secret weapon.

Mark Roberge, MD, Stage2Capital; Lecturer, HBS; Former CRO, HubSpot

The work I’ve done with Vik has changed my life. I highly recommend friends and colleagues talk to Vik.

Ferren Warner, Consultant, Quibi

People have said some nice things about me and my work. ⭐️

I love

  • My parents
  • Spending time with my family (I’m definitely a family 1st person). ❤️
  • Travel. I grew up with family located across the globe and spent summers in Canada, Japan, India, and the UK. As an adult I’ve travel across North America and took a year off to live in South America. 🛩
  • Court side anytime for an NBA game 🏀
  • Old bookstores and libraries 📚
  • The Tesla Model X Performance 🚙
  • Catching up with friends 📞

What I’m currently working on

  • Sharing everything I know about growing SaaS businesses 📝
  • Refining my amazing coffee brewing skills ☕️
  • Making my consulting course accessible to more people who are interested in the lifestyle 💰

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