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53 Questions to ask and answer before proceeding as an independent consultant

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

When you stop giving advice and engaging a person's brain, you can create massive change.

I am a big fan of powerful questions. They are powerful because they create change and they increase commitment and conviction. Talk to (or at) a person for 30 minutes and they may remember little to nothing a week later.

The Consulting Club program is built on an incredible set of power questions. These are a subset of questions that I thought through before launching my practice. These questions are THE QUESTIONS that members of the club to think through as they embark on building their own practice.

If you do go through all these questions, please hit me up on Twitter and let me know the results you achieved.

  1. Why are you here?
  2. What are the real obstacles I need to overcome?
  3. What does the ideal business for me look like?
  4. What is my money plan?
  5. What is my magic?
  6. What am I great at?
  7. How am I better today at what I am great at than yesterday? Am I really?
  8. Why should I focus on an elite sales motion?
  9. What would I love to do with my time? extra time?
  10. Where can I learn from?
  11. Have I pursued a relationship without a long term end?
  12. What does the ideal relationship look like between me and my customer?
  13. How did I get here?
  14. Why are people not following me?
  15. How do I get my customer to listen to me?
  16. Who do I need to remove from my life? My customer base?
  17. Am I committed?
  18. Am I ready for action?
  19. What is the best way for me to get the customers I desire?
  20. What do I want to achieve?
  21. How do I get better at what I do?
  22. What is there no formula for, that I am great at that requires mentorship?
  23. How am I being the best?
  24. What does my offer need to be to get the initial sale? What is my initial promise?
  25. What scenario can I create so people pay me 10X?
  26. How can I change me?
  27. What is the RESULT I will offer?
  28. What do I want my life to be? Design it.
  29. Why is what I want to be happening by design NOT happening? (remove judgement)
  30. Do I have strong clarity in my offer?
  31. Study the market: who has the money?
  32. What is the problem I am going to solve?
  33. What defines a great client?
  34. How do I work 1 day a week and make $1MM a month?
  35. Do I have a shock and awe result that others want?
  36. What sign do I need to have so that market is attacking me?
  37. Am I willing to put in the work to be the master?
  38. How much do I want to make per month?
  39. Why should I not make less?
  40. Why did I not write more?
  41. How can I _______________ without _______________?
  42. Why have I not achieved this result?
  43. Who have you had help you in the past?
  44. What are my qualifying questions?
  45. How can I ask more powerful questions?
  46. Fitness: Is it a fit? Does it fit?
  47. Weekly: What is my commitment to sales?
  48. Weekly: What is my progress YTD?
  49. How could this be simpler?
  50. What need am I serving by over complicating it?
  51. How much of your business comes from referral or social media?
  52. How do I stop doing 99% of the shit I’m doing and FOCUS on the 1% I’m fucking great at?
  53. How can I achieve more with less?