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I am an Independent Consultant to visionary leaders

You are looking to accelerate the revenue line of your business. I can help.

I run the Creating an Independent Consultancy workshop

You are looking to take your expertise and build a successful consulting practice that will give you the financial status you desire, the disposable time to do what you want in life, and do it on your own terms. I can help.


  • Help you build a lucrative consulting practice with 2-day hyper-focused experience designed for freelancers, contractors, consultants, or full-time professionals focused on achieving results as a solo practitioner.
  • You will learn a step-by-step method for translating your know-how into a six-figure independent consulting practice that also increases the amount of time you are able to spend on the parts of your life you deeply care about, build your social equity, and create new opportunities for you to leverage your personal brand.
  • More specifically, you will leave this course with the abilities to:
    • Clearly explain what you do
    • Price your offering
    • Sell your offering
    • Land your first client
    • Utilize a framework for future offerings
  • Join an elite community of like minded individuals on a similar journey.
  • Get first access to all the assets I develop to help you get and retain clients you love.

I Invest

  • Investment in mostly B2B SaaS:
    • $1MM in seed stage companies
    • $2MM – $10MM in companies with more than $10MM in revenue

Other Projects

I love helping people around the world overcome their challenges, grow their companies, and uncover new opportunities. My email is or Twitter @vikdug.