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Annual ritual: My Best Year Ever

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

After completing my annual review and making notes on what I plan to leave behind in the previous year, I place all attention to 2021.

I don't spend a lot of time on the nuances of the year. I focus on the BIG rocks. (This should give you some insight into the level of believe I have.) The little rocks will take care of themselves over the next twelve months.

There are a few things I highlight and this is what I’ll revisit each week: this is what will propel me through the year. I build a compelling story for myself and increase my level of conviction of success. After reading through this you will also have a great deal of conviction for my year ahead.

I’ve deeply understood that change is the only constant since 2001 at an experiential level. And while 2020 had its challenges (albeit in a radically different form from past years) I’m well aware that setting audacious goals for the year doesn’t work well for me. I can manifest things quickly so I don't need to lay out every single detail right now.


First, I identify a number of themes that will resonate with me through the year:

  • Massive ACTION!
  • Vision
  • Love  ❤️
  • Serendipity
  • ?*
  • Yes!
  • Ask for help!
  • Do it my way; Listen to my intuition
  • Create what I imagine
  • Positivity

*Note: "?" is a big one. Each week there will be things that happen that I just won't understand. Some of these things will be POSITIVES. Others may be surprises that I didn't intend to have happen the way they did. Regardless, it's always great going into a year or week knowing that there will be some things that I just don't understand.

Preview to the End of the Year

I then write on another sheet of paper, at the top, “December 31, 2021” and below it:

  • So grateful for...
  • Experiences...
  • Creations...

The Future is Already Written!

This allows me to envision what I will be grateful for at the end of the year, the experiences that may take place, and the wonderful creations. I've already put in motion a number of things over the last year and they will propel me this year. As long as I do my part of reviewing this weekly I'm always in creation mode. (Note: In this sense I love my 2021 planning method because it's constantly getting upgraded and updated. Nothing static about it).

With POWERFUL language as part of my 2021 plan (alongside delicious snacks, and great music) how can I not be compelled to BELIEVE that this truly will be “MY BEST 2021”.

In fact, how can anyone not be compelled to believe this year will be incredible for me.

That’s it.

Additional Thoughts

Why do I avoid the long/laborious annual planning cycle? Because 99% of the time that I’ve done it, or seen it done, it sits as a plan. And they are oh so boring.

The person, or people, making this plan shelve it (in the sense that it’s not a living, breathing asset). While people build lengthy plans (maybe it’s to post as a blog post and get SEO juice?) I will keep mine nice and short and POWERFUL so that it can operate like an engine propelling me through the thick and thin of the year.

If you haven’t completed your plan yet DO NOT stress. There is still time. There are 12 months to go. Start now.

See you tomorrow.