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Book: Breath

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Did you know that mammals with the lowest resting heart rates live the longest? Apparently nature functions in orders of magnitude.

As a pre-teen I wore braces (and a headgear at night) and I mouth-breathed. You're not alone if you haven't been paying attention to your breathing. Reading this book I became aware that I still do mouth-breathe while sleeping from to time. Most of the world mouth-breathes and this has a substantial and detrimental impact on health and well-being.

Nothing in this book is new, but it definitely puts a spotlight for the reader on a topic that is super important.

James Nestor claims to have stumbled on the topic while writing a book on freediving. This leads him to meet with cutting edge researchers and mystics across the globe over a decade. In this book he shares his personal story, the science, and ancient teachings focused on breathing.

After reading this book I do believe I will have a greater awareness of my nasal-breathing and slowing my rate of breathing. And while there is nothing more critical to our survival than breathing, James makes it clear:

"... what I'd like to make clear now, is that breathing, like any therapy or medication, can't do everything. Breathing fast, slow, or not at all can't make an embolism go away. ... No breathing can heal stage IV cancer. These severe problems require urgent medical attention."

If I do a week, or 30-day personal challenge to follow the exercises provided I'll be sure to provide an update here on the blog.

You can pick up a copy of Breath by James Nestor yourself if interested.