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Community rules

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Consulting Club has been live for 21 days. In this period it has hit record milestones for what once was an intimate, live workshop held at most three times a year for friends since 2018.

CC is a results-based community. The primary objective of the intro course + community is to help members achieve financial and quality of life-based outcomes. CC makes it easier, cheaper, and less risky to become an independent consultant.

We’re not the place where the primary purpose is fun, or the pleasure of mental masturbation. There are amazing groups for that.

Members are looking to achieve outcomes in life focused on creating incredible value with their experience and freeing up time for other important areas of their life.

This financial success comes at a cost. The primary cost is: you must give more in use value than you take in cash value.

As the community inches closer to 20 active members I’m seeing lessons around community rules that I will never compromise on. One critical lesson is the use of gamifying access to additional benefits based on the level of seriousness.

The purpose of these rules aren’t to harm or hinder any one person or particular group of people. The rules and norms are meant to empower those who are serious about success. If you are in Consulting Club and serious then the community should increase the level of benefit it provides.

Consulting Club is a paid community and the investment in the community + LaunchPad course is $5,000 (substantial discount through 12/31).

So it is only fair that I respect the serious. It will increase the likelihood of a member achieving their goal and make the membership stronger.

And so now I get to work on values, rules, and norms. I am eager to witness the positive impact this will have on the club.