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Your Mars awaits!

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Yesterday I felt inspired. Could have been because of my morning meditation session. One of our CC members really made some big shifts and hit a milestone and that juices me up! So I wrote these words below.

Time for a little Thursday afternoon-ish pep talk for anyone who has their potential on a leash.

I'm so grateful for this community. You Mars awaits you!

It's absolutely okay for a couple unmanned rockets to explode on landing!

And when you speak to people be clear you know what you're doing and then let them convince you why you should spend your effort and energy on them.

You have to play the part of the winning CONSULTANT becuase you are a winning consultant. Have strong conviction and a messiah-like sense of certainty because regardless of what happens you will find the way, or you will make the way.

You have it within you; it just needs to be unleashed.

Stop holding back.

DO NOT be afraid. I repeat you will not harm yourself physicall and no one will DIE from your actions!

What's the worst that will happen? You lose all your money? We now know how to make it!

No fear! GO BIG everyone! Your Mars awaits.