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What I learned in my first week of Consulting Club

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

The launch and first week of Consulting Club were beyond my expectations. [Long sentence coming] While I've been mulling over the idea of consulting since 2014, have been operating as an independent consultant since 2017, and have taught ten workshops across the country on the topic of helping people become successful, independent consultants, last Monday I launched my first fully online (and mostly asynchronous) experience. It's called Consulting Club.

There are three things that made the launch and first week successful:

  1. The process and combinaion of people self-selecting in and my diligence in accepting them has been an amazing recipe.
  2. The daily stand up routine we've developed in house to create strong bonds with the community that join.
  3. The core course and program is delivering in ways I couldn't have imagined.

The process and combination of people self selecting in and my diligence in accepting them has been an amazing recipe. I was nervous about opening up the community to people I didn't know. The copy on the website is intriguing and attracting the right people and repelling the wrong ones. This was my intent and it has gone better than I would have expected. I still may want to loosen some elements, but no change as I head into week two. To some degree the potential member has "accepted" me. I use the interview to help us both validate if this is going to be a great fit. My desire is to help each member achieve their objectives in three to six weeks. I ask a series of key questions to understand if I can help them.

The daily standup routine we've developed in house is creating strong bonds. When you're in a W2 role great teams communicate early and often. I've led a number of teams ranging from two to 250. As an independent consultant, however, there is no team, just me. So the standup acts as a way for me to take my plans and showcase them to others on the same journey. Watching this unfold is a beautiful thing.

The core course and program are delivering in ways I couldn't have imagined. The shifts in approach, mindset, and life were something I had only witnessed in our live workshops. Watching it come to life online, in Slack has been emotional for me given my high desire to help people achieve their goals with the least amount of friction, effort, and time possible.

As I think about the areas of improvement there are too many to name, and quite frankly comprehend, as it's just week one. The community is happy and communicating, I'm thrilled with the early outcomes and results. Maybe I'll share each week how things are progressing.

Come check us out at Consulting Club.

(Yes, I was shocked the .co domain was available and the hashtag #consultingclub was dormant on Twitter.)