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Independent Consulting

I run Consulting Club

Consulting Club
Learn how to leverage your expertise and experience by building a lucrative consulting practice.

This guide is work in progress. Last updated: May 11, 2021.


  • Intro
  • Who should read this?
  • What is independent consulting?
  • Who is Vikrant Duggal?
  • Essays
  • Consulting Interviews & Case Studies


This handbook is will explain how to build an independent consulting practice.

This guide is widely recommended because it teaches independent consulting at a professional level. It doesn't waste time with fluff.

If you're skeptical about independent consulting advice, know that I am too. This handbook is unique in that I have a lot of data. I have been a full-time independent consultant since 2017.

Who should read this?

This material applies to individuals from any professional background. I cover both introductory and advances independent consulting tactics.

Consultants of every skill level will find new, compelling material.

If you're just exploring the idea of consulting

It is important to learn and develop your growth mindset before deciding what your practice will be about.

Before starting, assess whether your specialty is suitable for a life that will give you both the free time and income you desire.

If you're an independent consultant

As an independent consultant it's important to focus on continuous improvement.

Many current independent consultants hate the work not because of the work itself, but because of the business model and their client selection process. In some cases, consultants are losing money.

This handbook will help you reset your priorities based on your desires.

It will also shed light on an independent consultant's skills so you can partner with other consultants better.

What is independent consulting?

(Coming soon...)

Who is Vikrant Duggal?

I spend thousands of hours delivering clarity for people. I compile my insights into free guides (like the one your reading). People have said some nice things about me. Insights that don't make it into the guides are shared on Twitter.

I'm a venture capitalist, independent consultant, and I own and run an independent consulting training business.

You can read more about me on my about page.


The Independent Professional Triangle
Recently I got a DM from a prolific Twitter person. For the most of the world there’s no difference. Consultant, contractor,freelancer, advisor. People just pick the one that sounds the best to them, theone with the least stigma in their mind. I put together my thinking over the last few days o…
How to start an independent consulting practice
I have helped over 50 people become consultants through Consulting Club[] and a question I’m asked frequently is a version of: > How do I start a consulting business with no experience and little money, whatresources do you need?There are three common themes that are often highl…
My R.E.S.U.L.T.S. Selling Methodology
You wish you didn’t have to sell, but you know that nothing happens until a saleis made. You also don’t want to sell like the people that give sales a bad name. I’ve been selling since I was a kid. I’ve helped a lot of people because of myskills. I’ve also been rewarded emotionally and financiall…
New client onboarding for independent consultants
Today I’m kicking off a new client engagement and I wanted to share how I thinkabout my process. Here’s what I’ll cover in this essay. 1. Context of client onboarding 2. Onboarding overview 3. Kick-off Interview Categories: Gathering the CEO Perspective 4. Data Room Assets 5. Post Kick-off ta…
10 Facts and 5 Trends about Independent Consulting that will blow you away
I run Consulting Club and I wanted to share some thoughts I wrote[] about inDecember, 2020. [Note: I will update this post with sources once I find them,but for now trust] Independent Consultants say they feel more secure working and …
53 Questions to ask and answer before proceeding as an independent consultant
When you stop giving advice and engaging a person’s brain, you can createmassive change. I am a big fan of powerful questions. They are powerful because they createchange and they increase commitment and conviction. Talk to (or at) a person for30 minutes and they may remember little to nothing a…
Value-based pricing is the best pricing model for independent consultants
Of all the pricing models an independent consultant can consider, value-basedpricing is the one to pay the most attention to, learn, and practice. Mostpeople who offer consulting services do not leverage a value-based pricingmodel. This is because they either haven’t been exposed to it, don’t und…
A surprising thing about independent consulting
Last month I interviewed four members of Consulting Club[]. We discussed a number of things over 30 minutes. One particular topic was whatsurprised him the most from the course and since then their respective…

Consulting Interviews & Case Studies


Consulting Club Issue #1
Sign up for FREE [] to get these insights deliveredstraight to your inbox. Today I have share with you a peak into my discussion with Prakash Chandran, aUX consultant to tech CEOs based in California. We recorded a 30 minutes ofamazing discussion on all things consulting…
Consulting Club Issue #2
Sign up for FREE [] to get these insights deliveredstraight to your inbox. Today I have share with you a peak into my discussion with Trent Waskey, amarketing consultant to tech CEOs. He’s based in Virginia. We recorded 30minutes of amazing discussion on all things consu…
Consulting Club Issue #3
Today I will give you a sneak peak into my interview with Shreesh Naik, asales/revenue consultant to tech CEOs going from 0 to $1 million. He’s based inCalifornia. We recorded 30 minutes of amazing discussion on all thingsconsulting. The full interview is available to Launch Pad participants. Cli…
Consulting Club Issue #4
Like many members of the club, Young Han was referred to me by an active memberof the club. Young is currently the Head of Operations for the CunninghamCollective (a former consulting client of his) and has leverage the ConsultingClub program to advise clients in addition to his full-time respons…

Case Studies

How an executive assistant grew her practice by following a clear playbook
The Vik Duggal Workshop aka The Workshop is an offering that is part of DuggalConsulting. [] Two years ago I started helping friends whowanted to live the consulting lifestyle I had created. I do this through a 2-dayoffsite […