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Gratitude 2.0: Going deeper in 2018

• 1 min read

I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts on this blog related to personal growth, self development and general growth mindset.


Gratitude to me is my being thankful and showing appreciation. I’ve found through my practice of gratitude has slightly shifted the way I see the world for the better. It’s allowed me to slowly remove expectation and replace it with appreciation. In 2017, I spent time on creating and maintaining a daily gratitude practice. With the amount of momentum that has now been built there’s no going back, only going deeper!

There were a handful of activities that comprised most of my effort and energy to build a foundational gratitude practice in 2017. In no order they were:

  • First activity upon waking: Write 3 things am I grateful for this morning
  • Write for two minutes about a joyful moment that occurred within the last 24 hours
  • Shared my gratitude with people in my life (some times to people from my past that I no longer engage with)
  • Specifically show gratitude for the “nothingness” from which everything is born*

These were often documented in a journal, on my Evernote/Notes app in my phone, or said out loud.

*this one is a big deal for me

The net results of my Gratitude 2017 practice

Since I can remember, I’ve been extremely optimistic and positive about my life and the world. That being said, I’ve always lived with a growth mindset, and know there is room for improvement.

What I witnessed through the year were slight shifts in belief for the positive: I believe no one has wronged, or can wrong me; I’m 100% grateful to be alive – what a miracle, I already made it.

Going deeper in 2018

I will continue to practice what I started in 2017 and find ways in 2018 to share with those around me. In general I will deploy gratitude to a greater degree this year: sharing specific things I’m grateful for publicly will likely be part of the plan.