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Home Cooked Meals, Nutrition, and Restaurants

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Most of our family’s meals are homemade. And most of those homemade meals are made from scratch and food combined.

Back in 2017 I wrote on this blog about my focus on my health and shared some learning others could take from my experiment. Earlier this year I crafted a clearer vision for my health you can take as a model, or template for yourself.

I’m not alone. states:

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, many consumers have reported making more home cooked meals.

The data also shows consumers are snacking more, drinking more, and only 15% of the respondents shared eating healthier food than typical.

My concern is that as things open up and a growing number of us begin to socialize in ways prior to last March we will see these trends take a different form. I predict we’ll see a substantial decrease in home cooked meals.

Restaurants are not known for providing patrons with options that are great for the body. The business model for most restaurants also means that when things get tough, the first place cuts are made are around food quality (I’ll take the cheaper tomato if it means I’ll stay in business another day). And once costs are down and people come back, there’s no incentive to provide higher quality food if patrons are happy and you can stay open.

I’ve heard what Gates, Fauci, and Biden have said around social distancing and vaccinations, but I wish they would put a little bit of their influence behind nutrition and basic supplements.

I think all of us would benefit from eating better more generally.

Until then, I guess buyer beware. survey responses to: "How have your eating habits changed over the past month as a result of COVID-19?"


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