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I'm killing my independent consulting offering

I'm killing my independent consulting offering. Here's what's new!

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

This morning I killed my current independent consulting offer for two reasons:

  1. It’s now 4 years old. I created it while being the primary revenue leader for 4 startups. (2 were acquired!)
  2. The system I use to help businesses grow in 2021 is VERY different from what I used before. (4 clients have been acquired!)

I’m building a replacement: RevPipes.

Founders, CEOs, CROs, CMOs, and CFOs of growing companies desire growth strategies. These leaders have unique elements to the strategies they desire. They desire strong alignment. They’ll almost always need tactical help to see those strategies all the way through outcomes. If the client has the talent we’ll support, if they don’t have the talent, we will provide it.

Here’s what clients want:

🎯 Accelerate revenue

🎯 Accelerate fundraising

Here’s what clients will get:

✅ A growth strategy playbook with the lowest hanging fruit to accelerate revenue for your business

✅ A revenue operations score: we will look at the tooling, data, infrastructure, and alignment within the go to market team, score it, and provide you with recommendations within 30 days.

✅ An experimentation method to determine if the business can grow from via a bottom up go to market motion, top down, enterprise motion, or product-led growth motion.

✅ Strategies and tactics for companies leveraging traditional growth means or modern ones (including product led growth).

✅ Strategies and execution for demand generation and customer acquisition

✅ Sales team management and hiring and compensation structures

✅ Customer retention/renewal and upsell


We will look to partner with revenue leaders of companies doing greater than $10 million in annual recurring revenue.

Our packages will start at $30K.

“How is it different?”

In the past clients received strategy and guidance. Going forward, all go to market-related strategy will include BOTH strategy and tactical/operational support the spans across marketing, sales, and customer success while driving deep alignment via revenue operations.

It's a new world. I hope to partner with you.

Excited for this coming decade,