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iPhone 12 mini

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

I'm using the iPhone 12 mini.

I've used an iPhone ever since the iPhone 4S (weight: 140g). My favorite was the iPhone 5S. (weight: 113g). It was the only phone I've ever owned that wasn't black (it was silver).

I recently wrote about why I'm going iPhone-first and the process is going well. There are a small number of things I require my desktop for, but I still do many things on my iPhone exclusibely. For example, I write all my blog posts on my iPhone (bluetooth keyboard).

With the new line up of smartphones Apple gives me no shortage of reasons to buy their newest phones: 5G, new chip, 5G, camera, 5G, ceramic shield, 5G, and a lot of other reasons. Did anyone else notice how much airtime 5G got? That's how propaganda works I guess. (Note: I'm in Atlanta, I get 5G almost everywhere. It's fast. See what I just did there?)

I know Apple will make each next phone "better" in more than one way, but that doesn't mean it's always right for me. The primary criteria I care about are power, size and weight. If I had to pick the most important criteria if would be weight.

I’ve tried to live in the world of larger and heavier phones: it hasn’t worked for me. Recently I ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max (weight: 228g). It's well-built device. I liked the screen. I liked the camera. I liked the feel of the back. But it was too heavy, too big, and too premium for my use cases. Admittedly, I. was nervous to go smaller because of my iPhone-first plan.

The natural order of things for me seems to be: iPhone 4S (140g) -> iPhone 5S (113g) -> iPhone SE (148g) -> iPhone 12 mini (135g). It's larger and heavier than the 5S, but right now this is the lightest and smallest form factor of a phone that can do most of what the highest end phone can do.  The screen size of the mini. (5.4 in.) is larger than the SE (4.7 in.) I've been using for over a year, the body of the 12 mini is smaller than the SE and it comes in just under the SE on weight. And I love that I can toss it around.

I give the design and engineering team a ton of credit for creating this product. I hope they are working on something even smaller and lighter. Maybe < 113g?

Until then I'll stick with the smallest size and lightest weight phone: the iPhone 12 mini