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Justin Kistner and the Consulting Club

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

“PayPal me $2,500,” I said.

“Done,” he said.

Justin Kistner is an independent consultant and a founder of a technology company.

Yesterday I welcomed Justin Kistner as a member to Consulting Club. This is important for one reason. Without Justin there is no consulting workshop. And without the workshop there is no Consulting Club.

Justin and I were introduced many years ago when Jason Keath (CEO, SocialFresh) came to Seattle and set up a couples dinner at a great waterfront restaurant.

Justin and I were both doing startup stuff at the time. Then one day in 2018, Justin came into my office in Bellevue, Washington said, “I want to be a client”. He wanted to make the jump from corporate job to working independently with minimal effort and creating more time for himself. (This is exactly why I started consulting in the first place.)

At the time I had just crossed $30k/month in consulting business - less than half way to my goal and I didn’t see the match. I also didn’t believe I had achieved my goal so I didn’t believe I had earned the right to teach this stuff. (<— that mind, always playing tricks on me!)

He said he wanted me to teach him how to consult. I replied, “I’m not sure I can do that.”

Then he said, let’s do it in 2 weeks.

I think I said 6 weeks.

We may have settled in on four weeks.

I said, “PayPal me $2,500."

He said, “Done.”

I went back to my office, took out some post-its and started designing a path to get from where he was to consulting. I started noticing patterns based on where I had started. I then built the course I wish I would have had in 2014.

I spent the next four weeks building and re-arranging post-it notes on my window. I had done sales trainings before so I had a sense, but I wanted this to have magic immediately.

Four weeks later I held this 1:1 workshop-style session over two days. We spent Day 1 at the top of Columbia Tower (the highest point in Seattle). We had an amazing dinner at an Indian restaurant closeby. We spent Day 2 at my offices at WeWork in Bellevue. It was a powerful two days and Justin walked away with a clear sense of what to do. I walked away pleased and exhausted! (it was a lot of work)

As I welcome him to Consulting Club I know how helpful he will be to members having gone through a journey. He does actively consult (proudly doesn’t have a website) a minimum amount and he’s about to launch his startup.

Justin was super clear on what he wanted out of consulting and I believe he has accomplished much of everything he set out to do in 2018.

We would go on to work on many projects together.

There is no consulting club without the workshop.

While there were a few friends that said, "doing this workshop is probably not the best use of your time" I am aware there is no this if there wasn't that.

I love how the world works by conspiring to help us in ways that are non-obvious.

I am grateful for his nudge and it’s great to see from member comments their gratitude for it as well.

Thanks for asking Justin!