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My 12 Favorite Problems

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

I recently wrote about crafting my 12 favorite problems.

I don't know about you, but I want to know about a lot of things. I love meeting interesting people. I want to explore all that life has to offer. We get one life and I for one want to take the best advantage of it. Maybe you're reading my blog because you want to as well.

For me it is not all about the biggest goal and the largest accomplishment. I want to make a great contribution to the world while living my life in a way that best suits me. I'm curious, always learning.

Here is my current thinking along the lines of the questions that I'm thinking about. My plan is to take a copy of these and keep them in the front of my journal, at my desk so they're visible and I can start to collect ideas around how to best answer them.

In some cases I may find a better question, I may decide I'm not interested in a question.

Here are the questions I came up with (note: I'm aware there aren't 12 at this time):

  1. What rituals can I create to help me continue to both live in alignment with my life's vision and continue to clarify it?
  2. How can individuals build companies with enterprise value without employees?
  3. What is the best way for me to make a great contribution to my field over the coming decade?
  4. What does the way in which we work today have to teach us about the role of the independent professional?
  5. How can we cultivate awe in our day to day lives?
  6. How can we better help owners grow their businesses quickly while increasing clarity and confidence?
  7. How can I increase my knowledge and practical application of finance - both personal and business?
  8. What kind of self/personal care routines do I need to employ so I can live well now and now have to worry about illness later?
  9. How can I create a romantic love relationship with my wife that someone would want to write a book (or create) a movie about?
  10. How can I increase my level of intellectual horsepower and communicate my ideas and thoughts with ease and simplicity?
  11. (room for a question)
  12. (room for a question)

I'm curious if any of these resonate with you and you are interested in answering them. I would enjoy meeting you or if we already know one another I'd enjoy connecting on one or more of these topics.

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