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Naming my community and programs

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Consulting Club as a name was a long time coming. Since 2018 the course and community has simply been know as my consulting workshop, no titles. It goes to show you how NOT fancy you need to be to acquire customers and help them become successful.

As I enter 2021 a few things needed to be named:

  1. The initial program/course/offering - Launch Pad
  2. The community: Consulting Club (become unlocked and available upon investing in Launch Pad)
  3. The follow on (on going support) - Escape Velocity (becomes unlocked and available upon completion of Consulting Club)
  4. The million-dollar consulting mastermind - The Family

There will be other components of the community as well: We're building a Library that will host all the incredible and deep learning that is being provided to members (and by members). We're building daily rituals right now with standups and will create other rituals with lower frequency and more impact.

I'm grateful to be in this position.