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Nice to meet you

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

I've stopped saying something this year.

In prior years I used to write "nice to e-meet you". I used to say "nice to meet you, virtually" when on a Zoom call, or suggest the idea of meeting in person on a phone call.

I haven't done this in six months.

Of our current client roster at RevPipes I have met none of the founders in person and there seems to be no sense of urgency to do so. Of the investments I've made out of my Rolling Fund, I personally know two of them, the rest I've never met in person. Prior to pandemic I had met my RevPipes partner once in 2018 and the second time I met with him was just two months ago this year (2021).

So, if you are reading this, or any other essay on my blog, I encourage you to consider that we've met to some degree and that we can continue to get to know one another and work together (if we like one another) without actually meeting in person. If you feel this isn't enough and you want more, then drop me a note on Twitter.

I'm pondering what the implications of this are as we proceed in this decade. There is so much changing around us that I am not attempting to capture it in this one post.

The idea of a "friend" changed in the last decade. More knowledge workers realized in the last two years that they can work from almost anywhere. Many people were hired into new roles, have onboarded, and have been working for weeks, or months and have never met any team members in person. It's like we are working with the digital representation (aka tokenized version) of these individuals. (Note: This is already happening on Ethereum.)

While me getting to choose who I work with may sound like a luxury today, I think more and more people will realize this opportunity in the coming years. While all this change is going on, the idea of "meeting" someone will track alongside this. In the end we will all feel like we know each other while never having met in the physical world. Crazy.

Oh, btw - It's nice to meet you.