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Here's what I'm working on right now.

  1. Consulting
    • I've been operating as an independent consultant since 2017.
    • Why I’ve been successful?
      • I leveraged my 15 year career in F100 companies
      • Leveraged my relationships with founders and investors to build my portfolio of clients
      • I’m clear on where I add value and deliver that value
      • Word of mouth
      • I have built an amazing network of experts to lean on
      • I get results. Fast.
    • Currently: Have room for one client
  2. Teach consulting via Consulting Club
    • Why I’ve been successful?
      • When you make $50k-$100k a month people want to know how to do the same
      • I’ve helped 50+ people create their own independent consulting practices
      • Word of mouth
      • Currently: Taking applications
  3. Running a fund
    • I never thought I'd be an investor. I launched a fund on February 8th (my birthday)
    • I'm currently raising $1M fund (40% raised in 2 weeks)
    • I'm actively looking for founders to partner with
    • Learn more here
  4. Writing a book on SaaS growth
    • I’ve been writing privately for years
    • I started writing publicly in 2020
    • The essays have formed a narrative on how to grow a business
    • Currently: Writing new essays