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Phase 3 of the Internet

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

The Internet is over 50 years old. In human years that may be "old" to many readers, but to me it's young. And for the Internet, we are still in the early innings. Let me explain.

Phase 1 of the Internet was mostly email and static webpages for me. I didn't participate much publicly in the Internet 1 ride. My mindset and perspective just wasn't there.

In Phase 2 of the Internet, I had the opportunity to catch the middle to tale-end. I leveraged some social networks to some degree, I operated a number of tech-based companies with substantial personal and business outcomes and now be at the forefront of software as a service (SaaS) business models, specifically growth.

We are now entering Phase 3 of the Internet. The beauty is that each of us get to be part of it if we choose to and I'm excited to pay attention and watch it unfold.

Last week I asked myself:

"What would it have been like to be there during the inception of the Internet? What would you have done if someone had tapped your shoulder and said, 'Pay attention to this.'"

This is indeed a special time. Many commodities and market have grown by over 1,000% over the last 12 months. Some have said the largest transfer of wealth has occurred in the last year. For you, there may be a segment of the economy that you're most excited about. Invest time paying attention to what's happening.

For me, I am incredibly excited to watch and participate in Phase 3 of the Internet. I'm excited for virtual reality and for keyboards, mice, and screens as we know them to disappear. I'm excited for the mix of what's real and what is virtual. I'm excited for what search will become and what it will be like to not type messages, but see more uses of verbal and auditory communication. I'm interested to see the continued disappearance of free privacy as we know it. I'm super pumped about blockchain, crpyto, NFTs, yield farming and what this means for humans, and the underlying economic models that will create even more financial wealth in this world.

If I had to compare Phase 3 to Phase 1, we are in the equivalent of '96. It's early.

We are entering Phase 3 of the Internet.

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