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Revenue Acceleration

You're the Founder of a B2B SaaS company. You want to hit those revenue targets, right? But what does it take to grow quickly? How can you create a business that can scale quickly with healthy revenue?

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My Free, Clarity-oriented Strategy Call
My Revenue Acceleration Essays
My Ultimate Guide to B2B SaaS Revenue Acceleration
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My Free, Clarity-oriented Strategy Call

The best way to start to learn my strategies about revenue acceleration and have them be hyper-specific to your business and circumstances is to schedule 30-minutes to have you provide me with the context of you business so I can provide one, or two highly actionable recommendations. There is no charge for this call and there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything from me. Just head over the blue button that says, "Schedule time with me" and find some times that work for you.

My Revenue Acceleration Essays

Lots of my essays are generally themed around revenue acceleration. Here's a selection of my most popular ones.

How do you grow a B2B SaaS business quickly?
I’ve run four SaaS businesses in the last decade and two things have happened ateach of them: 1) I’ve reported to the Founder & CEO (always brought in by themand the board), and 2) I’ve grown the top line revenue quickly. I’ve built areputation around this and since 2016, Founders and CEOs have r…
The key misconception of B2B SaaS growth
Growth happens proportionatelySet that $$$$ you are dropping on media spend on fire. I know you want to start scaling. You have even seen top-line revenue growth.But the intentional injection of resources into the top of your marketing funnelis not moving opportunities through. As you pull apar…
How to learn more about your customer’s needs and build what they want
Three hundred six-five long days. You’ve exhausted yourself building theproduct. Finally, you open the gates, you get put your solution out into market and inthe hands of real people. One hundred eighty long days pass. You realize it is not exactly what peoplewant, but they are willing to give …

My Ultimate Guide to B2B SaaS Revenue Acceleration

And if you want to get up to speed with my productivity guides, check out the below.

👀 How-to Guides

Aligning with Go To Market Strategy

Aligning your company around a go to market strategy
Huddle up. You’ve spoken with your co-founders and board. Someone helped you come up with a go to market strategy that gives you theclarity you were looking for. You have a plan. Now? You know what to do, but how do you align the company around the go to marketstrategy? I frequently speak to…


Hiring your first sales and marketing people at an early-stage company
“Hey Paul,” I start while making sure my camera, mic, recorder all work. Normalbehavior these days before any video call. “How are you?” Paul paused. This was our second call in three weeks with a few email exchangesin between and I had a general sense there was a feeling of overwhelm. I wasgenu…
How to hire an independent consultant
My name is Vik Duggal. I’ve been an independent consultant[] since 2017. I’ve taught people how to build theirindependent consulting practices [] since 2018. I live a greatlife. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------…


My guidance if you’re stressed/overworked
Two nights ago I received a text from a stressed out Founder in my portfolio. > ...need your support about managing a team through this transition. Lots of newteam members, need to step up skills, less time than ever on my calendar, beingpulled in new directions. Thoughts on how to organize my ti…
Startup Guide: Perfecting your Vision, Mission, and Reasons to Believe
A few months ago Amanda, a first time founder, was as shocked as anyone. Whileshe and her co-founder had great backgrounds and a list of impressiveaccomplishments, her current B2B SaaS startup just wasn’t hitting the mark forinvestors. The Amanda that you’ll meet today, running the same B2B SaaS…
Bottom-up Sales and Marketing Operating Model
“How do we hit our revenue target?” This is the question I get brought in to answer. Many founders I work with donot have a natural tendency to lean into things revenue (go to market, sales,marketing, customer success, churn, etc.) So as of today I have something anyfounder can leverage. My Goo…


10 Steps to building a targeted outbound prospect list
Dear readers, Building an outbound prospecting list for a B2B SaaS company is hard and I’veobserved this being a weakness for companies at various stages of growth. I’ve been recently organizing a lot of my writing around revenue accelerationand the topic of outbound sales effectiveness has come…
My R.E.S.U.L.T.S. Selling Methodology
You wish you didn’t have to sell, but you know that nothing happens until a saleis made. You also don’t want to sell like the people that give sales a bad name. I’ve been selling since I was a kid. I’ve helped a lot of people because of myskills. I’ve also been rewarded emotionally and financiall…
Leveraging research time to increase sales effectiveness
My objective with this post is to help you, the sales professionals, increaseyour productivity in the final days of 2017. You want to know what to do next, but it’s hard to tell. Should I send off quickfollow up notes? Are the opportunities I’m spending time on worth it? Should Ijust disqualify …

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