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Rolling Fund operational efficiencies

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

I haven't written about my rolling fund lately, but I wanted to share some operational efficiencies I've developed for tue fund and share two tools I'm using.


A big part of venture capital is relationships. So here are some operational efficiencies I'm employing.

New relationship outreach

In speaking with a VC friend I asked how many funds he thought were leveraging online data and research at scale (e.g. scraping). Maybe about 100. I'm in that camp. I've started with a list of the top angel investors, VCs, and family offices I may be able to partner with. As a raw list, it's no where near the proprietary list I need to make it meaningful for me, but over the coming months I'll make this list both proprietary AND personal. Out of the 15,000 total contacts I have, I think the core group of people that I'll connect with with will be between 500 and 1,000. From there I believe 50-150 of them will be close relationships over the coming months.

New Limited Partners

People tend to introduce me to new, interested LPs. So I built an easy to use form to reduce the back and forth emails.

New Founders

Through my network I also receive introductions to Founders. I built an easy to use form to make it easy to share and track opportunities.

Both of these tools were built in Google Forms and by creating a bookmark make them very easy to find and use.

If you are reading this and know people who you believe would benefit from connecting fill out the forms and feel free to bookmark the links.