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Saturday Spotlight: Shoutout

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Today I'm launching Saturday Spotlight. Every week I'll plan on highlighting a project that an individual, or team are working on that you can back with a small amount of capital.

Today I share Shoutout. I've known Sharath Kuruganty for over a year. He's not only a prolific creator, but also transforming into an incredible founder. I saw Shoutout when it was just a side project being built on a no-code platform. I met Curtis recently and both of these individuals are amazing humans and super smart.

I've been playing around with the free version for a while. Today I picked up the Pro plan for $15/mo and I've embedded my wall on the Consulting Club page. For people, or companies who have, or want to build social proof you may want to check out Shoutout. You can sign up for free with your Twitter account today.

On their Product Hunt launch, Sharath shared their "mission to help creators and startups to leverage the social capital". This is a worthwhile endeavor.