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Saturday Spotlights: Trailer Wizardry 101, Bean Box, and Master Shi Heng Yi

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Let's jump into this week's Spotlights.

Trailer Wizardry 101


Paul LeCrone has created a course to help you create awesome video trailers. You get all the know-how and you can use free tools to build a trailer for whatever your needs may be.

h/t Robbie Crabtree

Bean Box

Bean Box® | The World’s Best Coffee Subscriptions & Gifts
Discover the best coffee subscriptions and coffee gifts. Our coffee is expertly curated and always fresh, with fast delivery and free shipping.

Did you know Starbucks sold their online direct-to-consumer coffee business a few years back? Well, Bean Box has its sights set on a large market.

I used GoCoffeeGo for most of last year, but I'm excited to give this a go as I'm on my last bag of coffee at the moment. Interesting fact: their email list is 300K+.

Master Shi Heng Yi

I'm all about awareness and being conscious, so when a friend shared this <20 minute TEDx talk titled "5 hindrances to self mastery" with me, I had to bookmark it to share.

h/t Shayne Mauricette