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Selling to people you don’t know

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 3 min read

In the past I've written about my selling method that has proven to work time and time again by hundreds of my clients. Today, though, I'm inspired differently.

I had a chat with an employee of a startup this morning who ran an outbound sales experiment (selling to people he doesn’t know).

First though, here's what I shared with him:

  1. Figure out who you deliver value. Get as specific as you can. In his case, his company’s software helps managers in departments like Customer Success, Engineer, Finance, HR, Marketing, Product, Sales, etc. of growing companies.
  2. Next, find what you already have within the company that you can leverage as value. His company has a stellar marketing group and they’ve created a tremendous number of assets for managers in these roles. (Ask yourself this: would you rather receive an email for an offer? Or would you rather receive an email with something that is of value to you, or an invitation to something limited? Sometimes the answer isn't so easy to come by. This is why we experiment.)
  3. Build a series of 30 emails (I know, ambitious!) where in each email it takes the prospect down the path of incredible value that helps them to take ownership of their goals and deliver!

Once he has this sorted, then figure out his toolset which can include, but isn’t limited to:

Armed with all his assets and tools he can now be free to adjust based on the learnings of his experiments.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I also left inspired in two ways. I'm prepping an upcoming cohort-based course on independent consulting:

Announcement: Independent Consulting cohort-based course
I’m building a cohort-based course (CBC) and I’m sharing the entire process. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to skip the details and fill out our survey to help us learn morehere you go: ----------------------------------------------…
  1. I can deliver value additional value in two ways. On this website I’ll add a page, or a section that allows people to get a free, crash-course, on independent consulting. I can also include it on the Consulting Club page.
  2. I can also create an outbound sequence that delivers several emails that each have unique value for the people I reach out to.

Here’s a sample of things that I've written about in the past (so they are my assets) I could send as emails:

  1. My independent professional triangle framework that helps them see the various kinds of independent professionals
  2. My recommendation for getting started as an independent consultant
  3. Selling is hard for most people. I put together a short guide on my selling method and it gets results
  4. You’ve landed a client, here’s how to think about onboarding them
  5. Maybe they’re just thinking about the idea of independent consulting so I’ll send them these facts and trends about independent consulting that will surprise them!
  6. If they are curious to get started, I’ve got a list of 53 questions they can answer prior to proceeding down the path of independent consulting.
  7. People dislike charging by the hour so I put together my thoughts on the best pricing model for independent consultants
  8. I might kick the whole thing off by giving them a surprising thing about independent consulting
  9. I can share a few interviews that I’ve done with consultants
  10. I can even share a case study of a client who did well (she was a superstar Executive Assistant)

I need to create the subject lines and clean up the text a bit, but this is immediately a 10-email sequence that I just put together by repackaging the writing I consider done. Is the copy perfect? No. Will it work? I don’t know. What I know is that it’s valuable material for someone who is considering the idea of independent consulting. And my aim is to deliver so much value that one thing happens: they can find success (in some meaningful way) through the material I sent them. And no one is saying it has to be 10 emails. I’m sure some of these essays I’ve written can expand to make the sequence 20 or 30 emails.

I will definitely offer them the opportunity to join my course, but the decision is theirs. All the control is in the hands of the buyer. My perspective is that buyers are smart. The Internet has enabled anyone to get their message out.

Where can you start delivering value today?