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Shining a Light

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

The easiest way for me to share something out into the world and have many people see it is to post it right here on my blog and share it via my newsletter.

I've now been writing consistently for over a month, so this is a new practice for me, and I caution myself from saying it's a habit. I'm almost there, but not there yet.

I wrote my first post on this blog many years ago, but I consider the beginning of my online writing journey on this blog on July 7, 2020. I write about growing businesses, early-stage venture capital, independent consulting, and other topics that interest me.

The reality is, I've committed to show up here and share my thoughts in the hope that it might shine a light for somebody.

I'm aware this is creative work and my job here is to share daily. Some of this you find to be good, some bad. Some of it will appeal to you and I'm sure some of it will make you want to never read.

My reason to share here is to create change. So I hope this blog shines a light for you.

I'll be here and continue to put out ideas into the world.

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