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Successful meetings

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

I attempt to achieve three outcomes for myself and the other person (or people) in any meeting:

  • Increase energy
  • Increase clarity
  • Increase momentum

I am pretty consistent on this and plan to continue operating this way.

Where I tend to slip is on having an agenda, especially when someone is requesting to speak with me.

I do this from time to time, but I haven’t been consistent about it. Going forward, unless it’s clearly a personal catch up call, all calls will have an agenda. I stress the point on personal calls because I have a few friends who apply the rule of scheduling, or agendas to every call and then years go by and I'll hear, "I've been a terrible friend."

The level of happiness in my life is directly correlated to the quality of my relationships.

Where I tend to not follow my rule is on calls where I know someone, or get introduced through a friend. In these cases, I tend to take the meeting and sometimes they end up being fluff meetings - no purpose, no outcome. It very much becomes a “how are you doing?” call. If you want to know how I’m doing please read my stuff, or subscribe to my newsletter (sign up below). Our time is valuable and meetings going forward will have an agenda.

I’m also taking ownership myself. If I ask for a meeting with someone I’m going to propose an agenda. I’m curious what else I can do to go above and beyond so as to maximize the asynchronous time.

Let's do this.