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Technology insurance for the win!

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

I'm glad I bought AppleCare for my Macbook Pro in 2018. Last week I was having some challenges with my 2018 Macbook Pro. Two things specifically:

  1. From time to time my screen would shut off and I'd have you use the power button to turn it back on.
  2. While typing I would get duplicate letter on the screen.

I had challenges with #2 over a year ago, but Apple Support helped me resolve it over Messages. Now the same issue was back plus and additional one. I use an external keyboard, mouse, and a USB-C monitor a lot of the time so this isn't a major issue, but it becomes annoying when I just want to use the laptop.

How AppleCare came through

Apple Support gave me a link to a list of authorized dealers. I thought I would have to take it into the local mall which I'm not a fan of going to. To my surprise there was an authorized dealer close by.

I scheduled the appointment, drove in later that day, and explained my situation. They had me turn of my Find My, found that I had AppleCare, and let me know that it would be put in the mail and that I should expect it back in 10-12 days. This was Thursday.

I get a call on Saturday morning that my Macbook is ready. Wow! Turns out the repair center they sent it to what in Houston and they had received, fixed, and returned all on Friday.

While the issue looks resolved, what surprised me the most is Apple ended up:

  • replacing the battery
  • replacing the screen (which also include top case)
  • replacing the keyboard and TouchBar (which also includes the entire body/housing)

So on a computer that I spent $2,000 on a little over two years ago, my $270 investment in AppleCare came through more than I expected as the individual parts would have easily run me over $1,000.