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The 1 reason you need an email list in 2021

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Way too many people delay starting and growing their email list. The fact is, if you have a business you NEED an email list.

Let me tell you why.

People come and people go. Customers come and go. There's no way to ensure someone that buys from you today will buy from you tomorrow. And there's no way to know that someone who doesn't buy from you today, might become a customer tomorrow.

BUT when a person gives you their email, they give you permission to stay in touch.

I've read a lot of statistics about how much an email address is worth.  In my world, an email address is roughly worth $580. For context, what I sell tends to be high value and high ticket. Also, I have a rather small email list (776 as of this post). I anticipate that the value of an email address for me will go down over the coming years as I add more products across a wider price range.

So don't be a sloth (insert image of sloth).

Start your email list today!

And if you need some advice/tips on how to start an email list and get your first 100 readers keep up with my essays. I'll be sharing more as soon as I cross 1,000 readers.

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