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The greatest community

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 6 min read

Consulting Club (CC) offers three transformative programs and a community that then supports compounding that transformation at an incredibly high rate.

My best analogy today is this. Imagine going to Stanford, getting a degree, and then being given a savings account with a 30% APY (average is 0.10%). With CC the equivalent destination is $1 million in income a year. For those who hold this desire desire, it's there. I know this.

A question posed last week to the community results in a wide range of financial targets for 2021:

I have never run a community before. I’ve run businesses, I’ve built a great consulting practice, and I’ve built an education program. I'm applying the same frameworks I've applied to all these and I'm constantly asking myself this question: "What is the least I can do to deliver the maximum impact needed?"

On the heels of a successful Consulting Club, launch I find myself in new, yet familiar, territory. New in that building a community is a first. Familiar, in that this is now the fourth new endeavor I've embarked on in four years.

I’m intrigued by the idea of creating a flywheel. There will be a clear flywheel effect between Consulting Club and my new venture fund, but I am also thinking about flywheels internal to CC that I’m thinking about.

As I think through the task about creating maximum impact and benefit for each individual member from the initial time to magic through the coming years they will be members I'm discovering several great resources and I wanted to share there here:

My nervousness around community for the last month has been that the social component will hinder the actual doing of the work. What I mean is this: I’ve been seeing a lot of “come for the education, stay for the community” communities. While many of those have great, if not fantastic knowledge and information, they also have moderate to weak transformational impact. The ability to create transformation requires a deep understanding of behavior change, something I had the pleasure of going deep into during my time at Arivale.

The most important element of Consulting Club isn’t the community; you’re paying for a thoughtful, well-designed set of transformational programs that deliver outstanding results - fast. The December cohort on average found time to magic within two hours. If the methods are applied and you give it a couple hours of focus each day, the results come within two to six weeks. Members are already embarking on their next journey, Escape Velocity. And within four to six months some of these members will journey into the final phase of the program. I don't see a long-term end to the engagement with members and the results at each step will continue to be phenomenal. Yet, it's important to emphasize that while the first step is for anyone, the journey is not. I'm aware of that because once a member's eyes are opened to the possibilities they are free to choose the path that works best for them. A member achieving their ideal opportunity is the true goal of this club.

While most people are there for similar reasons and there is a shared set of values, a member leaning too far into the community can become a crutch. Nothing ever replaces the doing of the work yourself.

So in essence Consulting Club isn’t a community-first at all. It’s a program first and community second. As I develop community I'm not doing so for the benefit of me, or the club. The elements I'm developing of the community, if you look deeply, actually help make the individual member a better human, make them the person they desire to be. The gamification elements I'm applying to support them being most successful. This is clear by the sheer nature of the dreams of each member - they are all different. Some members have consulted their way into founding a company; others are developing courses; still, others have W-2 roles and supplement their income with consulting. I have leveraged consulting to build Consulting Club and later this year launch a venture fund. I'm committed to this for the long haul.

One aspect of independent consulting that is a common theme is that it’s lonely. This is where a community can come in, but the drive to succeed has to be greater than the urge to focus on relationships with peers.

I urge members constantly to focus on their success first. Once you’re winning you can help others. But if you’re struggling to build your practice a) it’s not inspiring, and b) you can’t help them as well as you can if you are successful.

I'm thinking through:

  • Norms – the informal standards of behavior that the group agrees to and expects
  • Policies – formal rules that govern the operations of the community
  • Rituals – ongoing activities that define the type of interactions that take place among the group
  • Rewards – Incentives put in place to motivate positive behaviors

I'm fascinated by what is happening within the club.

Tonight we wrap up the 34th consecutive standup and Monday we kick off our first Club 1-on-1s which is available to those members who have completed the LaunchPad course, had their wrap-up calls with me, and completed 10 consecutive standups.

These people are serious. And as they continue to attend the standups as a way of showing their commitment I will continue to support their goals, dreams, desires.

There are many communities we are part of, many of them are popular social networks. While they attempt to "connect the world" and monetize each "user" I think more of us will desire communities that take some of our attention and some of our capital. And in return, they help us become the best versions of ourselves, create incredible value in the world, and help us value our individual self to the highest level possible, not the least.

So as I spend much of this year taking action to make Consulting Club an incredible community, this is what I'm thinking about.