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The Ovarian Lottery

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

I’ve mentioned this in the past and it came to my awareness today. The odds of me being born as me are 400 trillion to 1 (same for you). Most of us should really let that sink in because that’s 400 trillion to 1.

Same odds for you and everyone of us 7 billion humans — let’s call it the Ovarian Lottery.

From a purely quant angle, there is nothing even remotely close to this level of “luck” existing in the physical world. Repeat: nothing remotely close.

The closest is the MegaMillions Powerball @ 175 million to 1.

So, the point??? We already got lucky! I am lucky! You are lucky! You can’t get luckier. The luckiest.

The only thing that can follow this for me are questions: Is what I am currently believing true? What’s next? What will I do with all this luck? How will I embrace my luck? When will you take advantage of it?

I’m building new and empowering beliefs. I’m distracted by my life and creating and living a compelling vision. I’m going to take advantage of every moment. I’m living a life where I’m celebrating, appreciating and grateful all the time. I’m taking advantage of the now.

Cue up your favorite “one shot” anthem (here’s what I’m currently jamming to) because whether you believe you die and it’s game over or you believe you come back, you’ll only get one you as you!!!

Appreciate and be beautiful! ❤️