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The starter crypto basket

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Lately more and more of my friends are asking me about what crypto allocation they should have so I thought I'd share my recommendations.

First, start with an amount you can afford to lose ($100, $500, $1000).

Head over to Coinbase* (because it's the easiest to get started), verify your identity, connect your bank account, and buy ($100, $500, or $1000) of BTC (Bitcoin).

Convert the following BTC to other currencies:

  • 25% to ETH
  • 25% to ADA
  • 25% to SOL

Now you'll have your starter crypto wallet.

If you want to go further, I recommend you dollar cost average (DCA) your way and put in a regular amount every week (other week, or month) and this way you don't have to try and guess when the market will be up or down.

Lastly, if your investment doubles in 90 days (it did with me and others I know), then pull some of it out reinvest your gains in currencies you've researched and like.


*Note: This is a referral link and will add $10 to your Coinbase account and to mine.