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The tech stack

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

One of the readers  sent me this:

Hi Vik,
Yes, I am also very bullish on newsletter as a medium. It’s so personal, robust, effective and yet abused by reckless marketers.

I like to keep my inbox clean, so I decoupled newsletters with Stoopinbox. I see there are many more players, like Matter too. It’s quite good so far.

I read your newsletter and it is pretty good. How does your tool stack look for this? Do you use Mailchimp or Convertkit? How is it integrated with your website?

— (name redacted)

Like me and this reader, many of you may subscribe to a number of newsletters and I'm always curious about the best technology to use that gives you and me a great experience.

For you it should be easy to read and render nicely across desktop and mobile at minimum. For me it needs to be easy to create, publish, and share.

For now the website is built on:

  • Ghost which is an open-source blogging platform. (Pro version)
  • Mailchimp for the newsletter (free)
  • Pablo by Buffer for header images (free)
  • Google Analytics (free)

I'm working on a roadmap right now to build on top of the Ghost platform to give you you and me a more personal feel to the communication. You'll notice right now that when you read an article like this there is no place to hold a discussion with me, or other readers. The newsletter reader count crosses 1,000 people and the monthly viewers to the blog crosses 500.

I'm speaking with developers right now who know the Ghost platform and can help. Also working on wireframes and a plan for what this will all look like in the future.

More to come.