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Trash talk: Turning trash into treasure

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

Our 8 year old son comes running in to the house through the garage with a neighborhood friend screaming, "Papa, we made $37, come see!"

As I'm walking over I reply, "Selling the eggs?"

"Yeah, you want one?"

"Of course I do," wondering why I didn't get asked first.

"$1 please."

So yesterday I was taking out painted Easter Eggs to place into the garbage. Our son wanted to show them to his friend (we'll call him Sam for this post). They were both straddling their bikes outside the garage entry. As I'm showcasing them Sam calmly says, "You know, we could sell these. They look really cool and almost vintage."  That was 430p.

Moments later they are in the corner of our garage huddled with pencil and paper discussing pricing ("People in the neighborhood should get better pricing", "These eggs should be $1 and these other ones should be $2").

As I was taking out the rest of the trash for garbage day I saw the two of them discussing their plans with two neighbors.

Back inside and next thing I know they barge in, "We just made $2," I hear in unison. "They bought one egg each. I think we can sell the rest."

All of a sudden the small crate of 29 eggs that had been painted for Easter and set to hit the dump (aka trash) were now making their way into the living rooms of neighbors around The Oaks on Woodlawn (as treasure).

By 730p they had sold all, but four eggs, had grossed $37 and had even spent $7 on advertising. Apparently they hired another kid to go around and tell everything eggs were for sale.

I think entrepreneurship is a seed that needs watering. You never know when it will get watered, but you need people to surround you to support: a friend to give you the idea, or partner, people to believe and invest their money in your idea, or project.

For us, as parents it opens to the door to continue to discuss math, but also discuss saving, spending, philanthropy.

Today we did some customer appreciation and walked to the doors of all the customers, our son said thank you and offered some treats. We heard some neighbors say things like, "anytime you're selling something come to me first" and "he inspired our daughter to want to make money."

The ripple effects of this will continue I am sure.

But remember, that the trash you see maybe just open the doors of opportunity.