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Upgrading Consulting Club content

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 2 min read

I make the reviews, case studies, testimonials for Consulting Club available for anyone to read. On a recent review, a member shared this:

Part of a review: "low production"

My objective is always to achieve the most oustanding outcome with the least amount of effort possible. As my friend KP (also a Consulting Club member) said to me recently, "You've really done the bare minimum to get this to work. I have a lot of feedback, but the material is phenomenal. It's shifted my mindset."

In the Trends Community, a friend took a look at my flow and offered to help.

I never fully embraced the full potential for the workshops until now. Given yesterday's post, transforming the life of a friend is very different than transforming the lives of hundreds of people. There's a massive opportunity here.

While Consulting Club will start accepting new members next Monday, I'm taking small steps with the membership feedback to upgrade some of the content. One of the pre-work items is my R.E.S.U.L.T.S. Selling Framework. You won't find it anywhere online because it's been a valuable part of the journey of a workshop participant (now CC member).

RESULTS Selling Framework ebook cover

I spent some time today cleaning up the audio file that guides members through the process. I then took the transcription of the audio file, cleaned it up and assembled it in Google Docs as an eBook. It took an hour.

My plan is to take each audio/video file, clean it up, and add text/visual products to it.

I'm working on a guide that will help members who have completed the introductory LaunchPad course review the material for themselves at a faster pace.

Over the last few years I've proved that my friends needed help and I could help them. In December I proved that there was a need beyond my immediate network. As we roll into 2021 I'm proving that there are results to be had and that I can deliver a transformative experience online and a community alongside it that people love and want to participate in daily. These are not things that happen every day, but I've hit on something at this time.

The numbers also tell me a story:

  • Total Revenue (since December 7): $40k
  • Total Membership: 23
  • Daily Average Participation: 60%
  • Number of consultants turned founders: 3

There are partnership opportunities with thought leaders and companies. The members refer the best "industry athletes". Members refer members to their network. Relationships compound quickly (we are already on day 30 of our daily asynchronous standup). I know if I opened up the doors today I would get another 20-30 by the end of January.

While there is a lot of work to do, right now it's time to add some fresh paint to the place.

Feedback welcome: