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What’s a computer?

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

Back in 2018 Apple ran the "What's a computer?" ad. It was a "nice idea" at the time and it was provocative. But as someone who has had one iPad or another since the second iteration of them I have most always used it as a consumption device for videos, browsing. I never really saw it this way, and especially not for a kid.

But it's now 2021 and I think it's worth revisiting the question: what's a computer?

Earlier this year I attempted to go iPhone first, but it was just too much of a hassle so I went back to my 13" Macbook Pro. More and more of my workflow is typing and writing and so I thought I'd give the iPad a shot. There was very little to purchase because I've had an iPad Pro 10.5 and an Apple Pencil sitting around.

I picked up a great case for under $15 for the iPad that also includes a holder for the Apple Pencil. I also picked up Apple's Smart Keyboard for this iPad. With the new iPadOS 14.

So all in all, here's the equipment:

  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5" (WiFi Only)
  • Apple Pencil (Generation 1)
  • Khomo case
  • Apple Smart Keyboard
  • Apple Magic Mouse

Then, I swapped out all the consumption apps for creation apps and I think I'm all set. I haven't decided whether I'll make this my primary devices, but I will try to do as much of my daily workflow on here as I can.

Note: This post was created and published from my iPad.