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Why uncovering meaning matters

Vikrant Duggal
Vikrant Duggal
• 1 min read

The Escape Velocity Program is meant to help Consulting Club members overcome inertia and break through the stuff that they can't seem to break through on their own.

Two of the three sections we cover in the kick-off meeting include uncovering the OPPORTUNITY for the member and discussing the PAYOFF for remaining where they are and playing it small.

I've built a framework for achieving goals that are more than just writing them down. One also must understand how achievable they are. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they aren't prepared for the known obstacles they will encounter. The known obstacles create a bigger problem for most people than unknown ones.

The words a person uses matter, a lot.

An individual may state their OPPORTUNITY includes living a "comfortable life". They may also state when discussing the PAYOFF for remaining where they are as "comfortable life" So here we have conflict. You have just used the phrase "comfortable life" in the context of improving your life and as a benefit for remaining smaller.

What do we do? We must help to define these phrases within each context because they mean different things.

I frequently hear words like:

-more efficient

These words mean different things to different people.

If I were to give you, the reader, an actionable piece of advice it would be this. Whenever you hear a word where the meaning of it could be interpreted differently by you or the person you are speaking with asking this simple question: "what do you mean by that?"

You will go on to uncover more than you anticipated and you will be able to act with a greater degree of clarity. You will also likely be less disappointed down the road.