#1 Sales Lesson: Preparing for Yes

Every deal, every meeting, every interaction should be prepared for with the expectation of the result being yes, with the buyer wanting to make the purchase.

Too often I see folks unsure how the deal is going to go. To make matters worse they don’t even imagine each of their deals being a success. This one thing creates a waterfall of activity that supports almost everything but success. Lots of tactics. Very few focused on the most important thing.

I want you to believe and see only wins. Success all around, I say!

What does this look like tactically?Take all your deals, dealings and projects and assume you will win them ALL. Now, work backwards with each of them for the least path of resistance to win. SOME you may start at the beginning and foresee what it will take.

What happens next will surprise and delight you. With each of these “projects” you will find themes starting to emerge.

I encourage you to hear these words in your mind about each project: “Yes, I would love to work with you. What’s next?”

What will it take for you to answer this question. Are you ready for it? What preparation do you have to do to create an environment where those words are spoken to you in that order.

Take the time to reflect on this. Take the time to shift the paradigm. Take the time to set up your game plan so you are prepared for Yes.

If you do, you won’t need anyone to wish you luck. You’ll be well on your way to create what you think.