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Vikrant Duggal

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These days I am the Founder and Partner at RevPipes, where I focus on bottom up SaaS, enterprise software, and web3. Previously, I was an independent consultant from 2017-2021 where I got my first real taste of being successfully self-employed. Prior to that, 2017-2021, I led revenue teams at four VC-backed technology startups, helped raise over $100 million in venture capital, and had two successful acquisitions. I'll share from these experiences and more in my newsletter.

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From 2017-2021 I was a global independent consultant and instructor focused on accelerating the revenue of private technology companies.

An engineer by training, Vikrant's natural talents led him to lead strategy and sales teams at Fortune 100 companies. Vikrant then installed his world class knowledge within four VC-backed startups achieving incredible growth and two acquisitions returning an average of 8X valuation increase. Read my story >>

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